The Green Wave: From Superfoods to Super Fibers

Oh, hemp cannabis! What a wonderful plant! Like that friend who is good at everything that site. Need strong fibers? Hemp is the answer. You’re looking for nutritional seeds? Hemp, again. Looking for something to calm down your nerves, without making you feel high? Hemp CBD is here!

Take a trip down memory lane. Hemp was once the material of choice for all kinds of things. Ropes were used to sail ships across the seven seas, and the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. That old document was written on hemp paper.

Hemp was thrown in the same category as marijuana because it contains THC (the stuff that makes you high). Hemp is about as likely as non-alcoholic, non-drunk eggnog to make you high as it is to get you buzzed. Yet, for years, hemp was thrown in the doghouse.

Hemp is now seen in a completely new light. This plant’s comeback story is worthy of an 80s film montage, as laws are changing everywhere.

What’s the big deal about CBD? Sustainability and CBD are two words that come to mind.

Hemp is probably Mother Nature’s favorite child. This plant is a green superhero. It does not need much water, so cotton be gone! It doesn’t like pesticides, but it can also clean up soil that has been polluted (thanks!). It grows faster than the weeds in my garden, which is quite impressive.

Oh, and CBD! The little compound is popping up everywhere, from coffee shops to Facebook rants by your aunt about how it helped her with back pain or Fluffy sleep at night. Science is still researching CBD, but people swear by the way it makes them feel relaxed without sending their moods to cloud nine.

Here’s the kicker: navigating this green tide is not exactly easy. The laws are more complicated than the Christmas lights of last year, and with everyone from hipsters all the way to grandmothers jumping on board, it can be difficult to figure out what is what.

Imagine walking into your local grocery store and finding an entire aisle dedicated to hemp products. You can buy hemp-based oils, creams and snacks, as well as socks. You decide to try CBD oil for your annoying knee pain, but you pause… is this legal? Will I get the munchies after using it?

Don’t even think about trying to grow your own! You plant seeds one day, dreaming about your sustainable utopia. The next thing you know you have government officials at your doorstep because Karen next-door thinks that you are starting a drug empire.

While hemp cannabis has been making waves in the world for many good reasons, from saving our planet with one T-shirt to keeping our bodies running as smoothly as my grandfather after his morning prunes juice, it’s not easy to wrap our heads around.

We are at the intersection of history and innovation, with our eco-friendly shoes laced tight, ready to dive into this leafy enigma known as hemp cannabis. When life throws you lemons, maybe add some CBD to the mix?

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